Monday, November 5, 2007

Our Weekend

Our family had a busy weekend. We had Katie and Kathy this weekend. On Saturday we went to Jacksonville Beach for the air show. It was OK, they have had better. Mike was a little disappointed in the show. We took Michelle, her boyfriend Johnny, Katie, Kathy and William. We asked Momma to baby sit Joey because of the cool weather and the noise level.

The kids had a blast in the kids section with free things to do. They jumped in one of the huge blow up toys, made their own dog tags, made paper airplanes, spun wheels to win cool prizes from Adventure landing, went "deep sea" fishing to win cute prizes,and a dolphin toss game. They came home with tons of stuff.

I came home sick!! I was not feeling myself all day so when we got home I went to take a nap and ended up sleeping 4 hours!! Woke up with a sore throat...JOY!! I have felt bad since then.

On Sunday the kids played outside and rode Williams 4 wheeler with their Uncle Henry. They loved it since they have never done that before. I straightened up a little around the house so it wouldn't look so bad but ended up in the bed for a little nap while Joey sleep.

We took the girls home around 5 pm and I tried to straighten up a little but ended up cooking fried cabbage for supper while Mike cooked pork chops and country-style ribs on the grill. I ate cabbage cleaned the kitchen and went to bed watching The next Iron Chef. I woke as they kicked the loser off. Thankfully it was not chef Michael Simon. I really like his style!