Sunday, March 2, 2008

Joey's talking!

Joey's first words were Mama then bye bye the last weekend he started saying Dada. During the week he started saying papa! He tries so hard to talk. He mumbles and tries to say nannie but just can't just yet!!

Family loses

Daddy past away a year ago on Feb. 22nd. This past Friday his brother Robert Fisher passed away. And on Saturday March 1st his sister Mildred Gill passed away. Our family has been hit with many deaths in the last year and a half. It started with my Mommas brother Edwin Williamson passing on September 10th 2006 then I found out I was pregnant with Joey not long after. My Daddy passed in February 22nd 2007 and 3 days later on Sunday Feb. 25th my Aunt Cecelia's husband Joe Juliano passed away. and now Daddy's other 2 siblings have passed.

It has been a hard year!! Yesterday was very hard for me since I've not really mourned Daddy's passing due to being pregnant with Joey then having him. With Daddy's sister's passing it really hit me my Daddy's not coming back! Daddy was the back bone of the family and I miss him so much! It's so hard to for me to know that Daddy will never hold my child (he did know about that I was pregnant and having a boy named after him and his father Joe) Joseph Richard Bulger will know his grandfather. I will teach him about Papa and he will grow up knowing how Papa did this or that and living on the land he wanted his grandchildren to grow up on! Seeing the buildings that Papa built with his own hands or the fruit trees he planted. I don't want him to feel he missed out knowing Papa. I want him to know more about Papa than he would have if Papa would have seen him!! I feel such pride when recently he started to say Papa!!