Saturday, January 1, 2011

Together at Momma's house.

Mike, Jason, Joey, Jessica, Henry, William, Dale and myself went to Mommas to eat our New Year's meal. We had black eye peas, mustard greens, rice, mashed potato's, corn, ham and rolls for lunch. A typical New Year's lunch for our family. I cleaned and cooked the greens last night. Momma cooked the rest. It was so good. Everything was outstanding. I can't wait to eat some more greens and peas! Add some pepper vinegar and some sliced onions and man o man that's a meal!!!

Jason he ate lot's of potato's. He loves them and can eat a 5lb. bag in no time flat! He has some leftover for tonight. Joey loved the ham or meat as he calls it! Joey took picture of Momma several weeks ago!

Where did 2010 go?

Wow 2010 has come and gone in a flash! Seems just like yesterday it was 2009. This year Joey turned 3 had a blast at his birthday party that he and William celebrate together since their birthday's are a week apart. We had a water slide and some water cannons they played with their other cousins.

Michelle and her finace` Dominick went to college in Canada for 4 months during the cold fall and had a great time in Canada but said they din't like the college and really didn't learn anything they hadn't already learned in Daytona. They did get a wonderful experience of being on ther own and in another country. That had to be awesome in it's self. I was soooo glad to see her

We also hosted a Halloween party at Mommas house for all of our cousin's children. They all had a blast. We dressed up the kids, had a pinata filled with tons of candy and had hot dogs on the grill with the fixins'. I think the adults had as good as time as the kids did!

WE had a huge Thanksgiving at Mommas. Our oldest son Jason is being deployed to Afghanistan in January 2011. He wanted his Mom and Dad to be together on Thanksgiving. So his Mom came with her family and one of her brother's Scott and one of Jason's cousin's Casey. My brother Bubba and his family spent the weekend with Momma. Jessica and her family came as well as Martin and Pat. Mike's Mom and Papa John came up from Ocala.

We had a wonderful time and no one wanted to leave! It was so nice to see the families be together and getting along. I think this will stay in Jason's mind and help him while he is away from his family.

At Christmas we had all of Mommas sister's families over. we had close to 40 aunts, uncles, cousins, Nana's Grammies, Papa's and many extended family members as well as friends. We ate and sat around having fun with member's of the family we don't get to see much!! We really do need to make an effort to get together more often.