Saturday, January 1, 2011

Together at Momma's house.

Mike, Jason, Joey, Jessica, Henry, William, Dale and myself went to Mommas to eat our New Year's meal. We had black eye peas, mustard greens, rice, mashed potato's, corn, ham and rolls for lunch. A typical New Year's lunch for our family. I cleaned and cooked the greens last night. Momma cooked the rest. It was so good. Everything was outstanding. I can't wait to eat some more greens and peas! Add some pepper vinegar and some sliced onions and man o man that's a meal!!!

Jason he ate lot's of potato's. He loves them and can eat a 5lb. bag in no time flat! He has some leftover for tonight. Joey loved the ham or meat as he calls it! Joey took picture of Momma several weeks ago!

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