Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time flies!!

I've not posted in a while and man does time fly!! We had a nice Thanksgiving. We ate at Mom's. My brother Bubba and his family and my sister Jessica and her family was also there. We had our normal Thanksgiving fare. I made sweet potatoe soufle and also just plain sweet potatoes with butter for Joey. Joey had his first Thansgiving. He ate some dressing, green beans, Sweet potatoes, mac and cheese and cranberry sauce which he of course made a face but continued to finish the whole slice!!

I also made a Apple Dump cake. It is so good and so easy.

Apple Dump Cake
1 yellow cake mix
2 cans apple pie filling
2 sticks butter, melted

Put the apple pie filling in bottom of 13x9 pan. Sprinkle the cake mix over the pie filling. Pour melted butter over cake mix. Put into a preheated 350 oven for 45 minutes.

You can also use cherry pie filling. Momma make one end cherry and the other end apple. It's real good in the middle where they kinda run together!

Mike's boss Martin and his friend Pat came over later in the afternoon. They were planning to come for dinner but didn't make it. They did get to eat thought.

On Friday Momma and I went and did a little shopping. Jessica and I took Joey and William to see Santa. Joey did so good for his first time. He also got to see him a second time today at Walmart. Can't pass up free photos of a cute little baby!!

Jason, our son in the Army came home for a couple days. He just finished boot camp in September. He will be going to his post in March of 2008. Looks like Korea. I hate it but better than Iraq! As a soldier he wants Iraq but for a Mother Korea is better!! So this looks like our last Thanksgiving and Christmas with him for a while!

I put up the Christmas tree this past week. It looks a little funny because I only put on tons of lights and no ornamets on the bottom 1/3 of the tree. I have mostly glass ornaments so I will not put them on the bottom for Joey to break and hurt himself. Looks kinda funny but you do what you have to!!

Nine more days and our oldest daughter Michelle will be 18!! I hate the thought that in 6 months after finishing school she could leave. I want her to stay here and finish college and then leave when she finds Mister Right and marry's........hopefully when she's at least 26!!!! But 30 is better!! Can you say I don't want her to leave!! It's easier with boys but girls you so want to protect them!! I now know what my Daddy and Momma went through!!

Hope ya'll have a great week!!!