Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paintball fever

We have a fever running around on the homestead and it's called paintball!! Yes you heard right paintball. Mike and I went to my Aunt Cecia's home several month's a go and her adult children were playing paintball in the woods that surround her home. They tried to get Mike to play but he wouldn't, he decided to play cook for the Army!

After dinner he finally got talked into playing. One game was all it took! He had the fever. He searched high and low for a Tippman A-5 gun for a great price. He found a package on e-bay for a wonderful price purchased it and the next weekend here we are off to my Aunt Cecia's home. He loves playing and since he has no real hobby I completely stand behind him. I enjoy going to my aunts and spending time with her and my cousins also.

Well my nephew Dale has now gotten the fever. He came with us one weekend and that was it for him. He had a gun but not an A-5 like the rest so my Mom his Nana bought him a used one that was in great shape. He loves playing and it's great to see him and Mike having fun, running around like 2 small kids and just having a great day with family.

Well my 6 year old nephew William can't be left out. Dale gave him his old gun. He is so funny. He will watch Mike and Dale play and see how they hide behind trees and such to try and not get hit with the paintball's. He then will imitate them. He had a ball on Monday night "playing" paintball with Mike and Dale. They just had their guns with no air or paintball's. They let him try and shoot at them. He hit Mike 3 times a least. He would try and do the same things as they did the night before!

That makes me realize more and more that our children really look at you to see how to live their life. It's scary and I pray that God will help me live a life in front of Joey that will not hinder him!