Friday, January 25, 2008

Busy Friday

Today was busy. I went to work at 5:30 am. I did my morning run and was done by 9 am. Went home washed a load of rugs, sweep the floor and mopped the floor. Picked up Joey's toy's and made the bed. Bless his heart he was so sleepy he went to sleep and didn't wake up till 12:30 even thought he sleep till 8:30 am! I was going to vacuum but couldn't since he was asleep. So I'll do that in the morning.

It was so cold today. (I know we live in Florida and it doesn't get real cold to some folks up north but to me it was cold!!) It took the floor forever to dry. Joey was on the floor just after I mopped and he crawled across the floor and the only dry spots were where his sleeper dried the floor as he crawled!!

His "bus granny" gave us 2 quarts of whipping cream. Her daughter gave her some and she didn't need all of them so she blessed us with some. I'll make some sausage gravy with some, but will have to figure out what wonderful things I'll make with the rest! YUMMY

Tonight we had wings for supper. My Momma, Mike, Joey and I went out to Fast Boys wings. They were good! Joey of course flirted with a small girl around 7 years old. She won him a stuffed animal from the grab machine. I thought it was so nice of her! She was so shy, Mike let her hold Joey. He was in heaven, he loves attention.

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