Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sleep overs

Katie and Kathy are here for the weekend. Yesterday we went to the baby shower for my cousin Sabrina. It was held at the Golden Corral. They loved it. All the desert they could eat.....what kid wouldn't like that!!

When I came home I put on supper which was VERY good! I posted the recipe yesterday. I also made black beans and rice with it.

Our friend Mickey and her daughter Dannie came over to visit. They live about 40 minutes away in Middleburg. Dannie spent the night with the girls. And then of course my 5 year old nephew had to spend the night also with "the girls".

We had grits and eggs this morning for breakfast. YUMM_OH The left overs went to the chickens. They love to feed the chickens. It's so funny to watch children that's not been raised around animals grow to love them.

I have to make a run to Sams today. Need to get milk, bread, grits, water and baby formula. I can't wait for Joey to stop having to have formula! It's 20 bucks at Sams for their brand which is much cheaper than anywhere else. I'm so glad he can use it, some babies are too picky on what they can eat. Thankfully not him!!

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