Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well just before Michelle's birthday I wrote how it was gonna kill me to see her leave after graduation. Well it came sooner! She told her Dad she was 18 and leaving to move in with her boyfriend. I dearly HATE it but what can you do?? She is 18 and is "grown". I just pray she does finish school.

It really hurt Mike as she blamed him for things. But they are not true. I feel if she thought she was grown up enough to leave then she should have just said..."I want to leave because I'm grown" and not be childish and blame others for your desires!

Mike has been nothing but good to her and for her to "slap" her father in the face with this is just to much to bear! I have to put it in the back of my brain some days because it really gets to me!

But like most parents you just go on knowing you done YOUR very best to raise the child and hope they remember the raising they got!

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