Saturday, May 29, 2010

Joey's Birthday Party

Joey and William's birthday party was a hit. We had a blow up water slide and water cannon's. When the children first got here we gave the children a water cannon we had purchased at Dollar tree. For a dollar gift they were awesome. We put bucket's of water around in the yard so the children could suck up the water and have war. They had a blast.
Joey in his young wisdom said heck with the water cannon which held a couple cups of water and went for the water hose! Everyone laughed and of course Joey went back to his cannon to play.
We had a nice crowd of 38. Our list of guest follows: Aunt Celia, cousin Aaron & his family, Cousin Robert & his family, JoJo & his friend with her children, Sharon & family, Dave & his family, William's Nana Kathy & family, Joey's Grammie Joanie, Nannie Joyce, Lisa, Dale, William, Jessica, Henry, Mike, Joey and myself.
Mike and I are truely Blessed with family that loves Joey as much as we do! Joey is such a joy. He loves to smile and be everyone's friend. Several of the children didn"t want to go home and some wanted to come back the next day! That to me means we had a great party.
Joey recieved lots of nice gifts. But even thought the gifts are nice we enjoyed the fellowship even more!

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