Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Baby is turning three!

Time flies........Joey is turning 3 on May 16th. We are having him and his cousin William a birthday party on Saturday. We are putting up the waterslide. The kids love the slide. My Momma bought it for the 2 boys last year for their birthday. It is one of the blow~up slides, it doesn't hold adults or bigger teens but the younger children love it. It is so fun watching them have so much fun.
Last year we put it up beside Momma's garage but with the shade and the ever so cold well water we had blue mouth children! So this year we are putting it in the sun. I'd rather have to put on lots of sunscreen than have shivering children!
We are serving hamburgers and hotdogs. Of course we are having all the fixins`like baked beans, potato salad and veggie tray. Water makes everyone hungry so we will have plenty food for everyone.
Jessica my baby sister also William's Mom and I are spliting the cost of the party. We are going on Thursday to Sam's to get most of the food and supplies. We are ordering the cake also while at Sam's. Since the boy's ages are 5 year's apart we have to go with themes that are not too babish or too grown. Since both boy's like planes I'm going to see if the have a "plane cake".
Joey is growing so fast and learning so many new things. You want to keep them a baby but there is no holding back. He loves his Daddy and follows every move. He does so many things like his Daddy like stand with his hands in his pockets. It is so funny watching them stand side by side with hands in the pants pockets! I really need to snap a photo of them one day.
So Joseph Daddy and Momma wish you the best 3rd birthday!! May you grow strong in body and in Love for Jesus!

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