Monday, October 29, 2007

Around Home

Today is a work day. I drive a school bus for handicapped children. I love my job. It brings me much enjoyment seeing children grow up and learning new things.

I am making a pot of vegetable beef soup today. It's no suppose to get highter than 70 today. Being in Florida and with the dampness from rain that gets' pretty cool. So soup sounds like a good thing.

I wish my soup tasted as good as my Granny Fisher's soup tasted. I try and try to make it like her's but it will be almost but not quiet there. It's good and Mike and Michelle love it so that's all that counts!

I had a roast that I cut in small pieces. I put them in the crock put to cook then just before going to work this afternoon I'll add a bag of frozen mixed veggies, a frozen bag of whole okra (okree to us) and a can or two of whole tomatoes smushed. salt and pepper always. And when I eat it a just shake of hot sauce......Yummy. I think I make some yeast rolls to go along or maybe corn bread. I'll decide that on my afternoon route.

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