Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin carving day

October 28, 2007

Mom brought home a lot of cucumbers and bell peppers yesterday. Today most of Momma's sisters came and got what they wanted. Momma gave me and my sister the rest. I took mine and washed, cleaned and chopped them up. I put them in the freezer for use in soup and sauces. I love free produce. We seldom get any but when we do we sure appreciate it. My great uncle goes to the packing house and gets culled veggies. They are free which is nice.

Michelle and her boyfriend Johnathan carved her pumpkin tonight. They were so funny doing it, putting seeds on each other, smelling the pumpkin and saying how good it smelled! Yuck!!

I took a shower while they did the carving and she came in to tell me how she carved the pumpkin to look like her baby brother Joey. It's so cute, it has his 3 bottom teeth. She wrote on the side Joey's first Halloween!!

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