Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27, 2007

Welcome to my First entry in our blog. Our place is called Daddy's dream because my father purchased this place in 1970 hoping to have a better place for us. My parents cleared 4 acres by hand. They then purchased a old Jim Walter home that had never been finished on the inside and moved it here.
Daddy finished the house as they could afford. It was small but it was home.

My grandfather Fisher stayed with us during the week. He loved to garden and he hand dug about a half acre garden area. He gardened mostly by himself. I can still see the gardens in my head. Oh how I wished I could garden like him.

Daddy and Momma always had animals, Growing up we had horses, cows, hogs, rabitts and chickens. My husband Mike and have chickens and a hog we call "big momma".

Daddy past ways this past February. I only pray that my sister,brother and I can keep Daddy and Momma's dream alive.

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